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JCRB No.   JCRB1049 Cell Name   OVMIU
Profile   Human cell line derived from ovarian tumour. Other Name   
Animal   human Strain   
Genus   Homo Species   sapiens
Sex   F Age   46
Identity   available Tissue for Primary Cancer   ovary
Case history   ovarian carcinoma, stage IIIc, not treated before. Metastasis   No
Tissue Metastasized    Genetics   ER(-) / tumor markers, CA125, CA19-9, TAP, SLX, LDH, ALP E2, E1, DHEA.
Life Span   infinite Crisis PDL   
Morphology   epithelial-like Character   Cells are not transplantable to mouse.
Classify   tumour Established by   Gorai,I. et.al.
Registered by   Gorai,I. Regulation for Distribution   User information should be reported to Dr. Gorai promptly.
Comment   The STR pattern of the OVMIU was consistent with the OVSAYO while the OVMIU-II was expected to be same with the OVMIU. Year   2002
Medium   RPMI1640 medium with 10% fetal bovine serum. Methods for Passages   Cells are harvested after treatment with 0.05% trypsin. Change medium every 3-4 days.
Cell Number on Passage   5 x 10^4 cells/ml Race   Japanese
CO2 Conc.   5 % Tissue Sampling   ovary
Tissue Type   adeno carcinoma

Detection of virus genome fragment by Real-time PCR
Detected DNA Virus tested Detected RNA Virus tested
CMV - parvoB19 - HCV - HTLV-1 -
EBV - HBV - HIV-1 - HTLV-2 -
HHV6 - HTLV-1 - HIV-2 - HAV -
HHV7 - HTLV-2 - -/negative.
nt/not tested.
(positive (+) does not immediately mean the production of infectious viral particles.)
BKV - HIV-1 -
JCV - HIV-2 -
ADV - HPV18 -

Cellosaurus(ExPASy) Cellosaurus (ExPASy) is developed by Amos Bairoch of the CALIPHO group at the SIB - Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics as part of the neXtProt project. Cellosaurus is a knowledge database of cell lines with various information summarized. CVCL_3112
COSMIC CELL LINE COSMIC (Catalogue Of Somatic Mutations In Cancer) is an online database of somatically acquired mutations found in human cancer. Especially in the Cell Lines Project, mutation profiles of more than 1000 cell lines are being developed for use in cancer research. For the cell lines registered in the JCRB cell bank, you can obtain information from the right link. 1240200
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Pubmed id:7882618Marked induction of gelatinases, especially type B, in host fibroblasts by human ovarian cancer cells in athymic mice.
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