JCRB1904 Vero.DogSLAMtag

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Cell type:genetically-modified cells (View Pricing Information)

JCRB No.   JCRB1904 Cell Name   Vero.DogSLAMtag
Profile   Vero cell line stably expressing canine signaling lymphocytic activation molecule fused Influenza HA epitope (NH2-YPYDVPDYAGAQPARSP-COOH) (dogSLAMtag). Canine distemper virus (CDV) highly susceptible cell line. Other Name   
Animal   monkey, African green Strain   
Genus    Species   
Sex    Age   
Identity   not done Tissue for Primary Cancer   
Case history    Metastasis   
Tissue Metastasized    Genetics   
Life Span   infinite Crisis PDL   
Morphology   epithelial-like Character   Canine distemper virus (CDV) highly susceptible cell line
Classify   transformed Established by   Yanagi, Y
Registered by   Makoto Takeda Regulation for Distribution   
Comment    Year   
Medium   DMEM(GIBCO) with 7% heat inactivated fetal bovine serum and G418(0.4mg/mL) Methods for Passages   Cells were harvested after treatment with 0.25%trypsin and 0.02% EDTA.
Cell Number on Passage    Race   
CO2 Conc.   5% Tissue Sampling   kidney
Tissue Type   

Detection of virus genome fragment by Real-time PCR
Detected DNA Virus not tested Detected RNA Virus not tested

Pubmed id:12941904Efficient isolation of wild strains of canine distemper virus in Vero cells expressing canine SLAM (CD150) and their adaptability to marmoset B95a cells.
Seki F,Ono N,Yamaguchi R,Yanagi Y
J Virol. 2003 Sep;77(18):9943-50


LOT Information

Cell No.   JCRB1904 Cell Name   Vero.DogSLAMtag
LOT No.   06162022 Lot Specification   distribution
Medium   Dulbecco's modified Eagle's medium (GIBCO cat No. 11095) with 7% heat inactivated fetal bovine serum (SIGMA, Cat#172012, Lot#12J396) and G418(0.4 mg/mL) Temperature   37 C
Cell Density at Seeding   1.20-2.88x10^4 cells/sq.cm Methods for Passages   Cells were harvested after treatment with 0.25% trypsin (GIBCO) and 0.02% EDTA.
Doubling Time   NT Cell Number in Vial (cells/1ml)   1.48x10^6
Viability at cell freezing (%)   97 Antibiotics Used   G418
Passage Number   p3* PDL   NT
Sterility: MYCOPLASMA   - Sterility: BACTERIA   -
Sterility: FUNGI   - Isozyme Analysis   
Chromosome Mode   NT Chromosome Information   NT
Surface Antigen   NT DNA Profile (STR)   
Adhesion   Yes Exoteric Gene   NT
Medium for Freezing   BAMBANKER (LYMPHOTEC Inc., CS-02-001, NIPPON Genetics Co., LTD) CO2 Conc.   5%
Viability immediately after thawing (%)   99 Additional information