After much deliberation, we, JCRB Cell Bank, have decided to implement 4%~6.7% increase in our cell line’s unit prices, effective March 17, 2024. This increase is being made to meet corresponding increases in manufacturing and operating costs. This price change applies to customers who place orders directly with JCRB. Customers who purchase through Fujifilm Wako group and Cell Bank Australia will be announced separately.

We thank you for your understanding and support in helping us to grow alongside you. Please feel free to reach out to us as the “Contact Us” form with any questions, concerns or comments.

[The unit price change for customers who place orders directly with JCRB]
Related to orders from other countries than US/Canada, Europe, Republic in Korea, Oceania

End-user’s category
Cell’s category Non-profit Profit
General cells JPY24,000


Immortalized mesenchymal stem cell
Luciferase-expressing cancer cells JPY30,000


Genetically-modified cells
Mouse homozygous mutant ES cells

[Customers in Singapore]
The new price will be announced later.

[Customers in US/Canada, Europe, Republic in Korea, Oceania]
The price change will be announced later by the official distributors respectively.