Privacy Policy

Enactment Date: July 2, 2012

Representative: JCRB Cell Bank


The National Institute of Biomedical Innovation undertakes research in the area of basic technologies that support the development of medicines and medical devices, and carry out business activities with the aim of contributing to the development of innovative medicines and the improvement of our citizens’ health through the promotion of research and development.


Personal information collected through the business activities undertaken by the JRCB Cell Bank will be handled appropriately in accordance with the following policies.


1.Collecting, using, provisioning, and entrusting personal information

    i.  Personal information of an individual will be collected only with their consent after disclosing the purpose of use, except in cases where such disclosure may harm the rights and interests of the individual or other third parties.

    The collected personal information will not be used for any purposes other than those for which they were collected, and handled appropriately by limiting the scope of their use.

    ii. The collected personal information will not be disclosed to third parties without prior consent, except under orders issued based on laws and regulations.

    iii.    When collected personal information will be provided to or entrusted with third parties, only those third parties that pass a standard for sufficient protection of personal information will be chosen. Required protection standard will be defined within a written agreement, and third parties will be managed and instructed in the appropriate handling of personal information.


2.Responding to requests for disclosure, correction, and suspension of use

JRCB Cell Bank will promptly respond to requests within reasonable limits with respect to personal information held by the Bank. Requests will not be accepted unless the requestor can be identified to be the owner of the personal information.


3.Management of personal information

Appropriate required measures will be taken for the safeguarding of personal information including the prevention of unauthorized disclosure, loss, misuse and change. The National Institute of Biomedical Innovation, under the management of which JRCB Cell Bank operates, has strict security measures in place a for the safeguarding of personal information under its management.


4.Contact for enquiry regarding the handling of personal information

The contact specified by JRCB Cell Bank will respond to enquiries within reasonable limits.


Purpose of Use of Personal Information

Personal information will be used within the boundaries required for attaining the following objectives.

    1.  Provision of various consigned services

    2.  Deposit of cultured cells

    3.  Provision of various types of cells (sale of cell lines)

    4.  Distribution of newsletters issued by JRCB Cell Bank

    5.  Responding to enquiries and questions


Contact for enquiry regarding the protection and management of personal information

Details about information disclosure by the National Institute of Biomedical Innovation can be found on its website. Please forward any enquiries regarding the protection and management of personal information to the General Affairs Division of the National Institute of Biomedical Innovation.



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