JCRB0524 MRC-9-30

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Notes for the cultivation of human normal diploid cells (JCRB05**) : ヒト正常二倍体細胞の取り扱い上の注意点

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JCRB No.   JCRB0524 Cell Name   MRC-9-30
Profile   fetal lung, normal diploid fibroblast, PDL=about 30, (not available.) Other Name   
Animal   human Strain   
Genus   Homo Species   sapiens
Sex    Age   
Identity    Tissue for Primary Cancer   lung
Case history    Metastasis   
Tissue Metastasized    Genetics   lung, normal diploid fibroblast
Life Span    Crisis PDL   
Morphology    Character   lung, normal diploid fibroblast
Classify    Established by   Jacobs,J.P. et al.
Registered by   Ooka,H. Regulation for Distribution   
Comment    Year   1989
Medium    Methods for Passages   
Cell Number on Passage    Race   
CO2 Conc.   5 % Tissue Sampling   lung
Tissue Type   

Detection of virus genome fragment by Real-time PCR
Detected DNA Virus not tested Detected RNA Virus not tested

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Pubmed id:113411Characteristics of a serially propagated human diploid cell designated MRC-9.
Jacobs JP,Garrett AJ,Merton R
J Biol Stand. 1979 Apr;7(2):113-22