JCRB1882 Sui65

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Sui細胞株に関する遺伝的性質について(About the genetic properties of Sui cell lines)

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JCRB No.   JCRB1882 Cell Name   Sui65
Profile   Pancreatic adenocarcinoma. Cell line established by forming xenograft tumor (PDX) from peritoneal metastasis. Other Name   
Animal   human Strain   
Genus   Homo Species   sapiens
Sex   F Age   63-year-old
Identity   available Tissue for Primary Cancer   pancreas
Case history   Pancreatic tubular adenocarcinoma. Derived from metastatic site: Peritoneum. Metastasis   Y
Tissue Metastasized   Peritoneum Genetics   Mutation of CDKN2A, KRAS, TP53, and SMAD4. See Important notice for details.
Life Span   infinite Crisis PDL   
Morphology   epithelial-like Character   Doubling time: 48.6 hours
Classify   tumor Established by   Yanagihara Kazuyoshi
Registered by   Yuki Iino Regulation for Distribution   
Comment    Year   
Medium   PMI1640 medium + 10% FBS Methods for Passages   0.05% Trypsin- 0.02% EDTA
Cell Number on Passage   split ratio = 1/5 Race   
CO2 Conc.   5% Tissue Sampling   Peritoneum
Tissue Type   

Detection of virus genome fragment by Real-time PCR
Detected DNA Virus tested Detected RNA Virus tested
CMV - parvoB19 - HCV - HTLV-1 -
EBV - HBV - HIV-1 - HTLV-2 -
HHV6 - HTLV-1 - HIV-2 - HAV -
HHV7 - HTLV-2 - -/negative.
nt/not tested.
(positive (+) does not immediately mean the production of infectious viral particles.)
BKV - HIV-1 -
JCV - HIV-2 -
ADV - HPV18 -

Pubmed id:35272288A Comparative Study of Patient-Derived Tumor Models of Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma Involving Orthotopic Implantation.
Yanagihara K,Iino Y,Yokozaki H,Kubo T,Oda T,Kubo T,Komatsu M,Sasaki H,Ichikawa H,Kuwata T,Seyama T,Ochiai A
Pathobiology. 2022 Mar 10;():1-11
Pubmed id:18691340Establishment and molecular profiling of a novel human pancreatic cancer panel for 5-FU.
Yanagihara K,Takigahira M,Tanaka H,Arao T,Aoyagi Y,Oda T,Ochiai A,Nishio K
Cancer Sci. 2008 Sep;99(9):1859-64

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LOT Information

Cell No.   JCRB1882 Cell Name   Sui65
LOT No.   02012022 Lot Specification   distribution
Medium   RPMI1640 medium(GIBCO:catalog No.11875-093) with 10% heat inactivated fetal bovine serum(Biowest cat.No.S1820-500 LotNo.S09336S1820) Temperature   37 C
Cell Density at Seeding   2.38-3.88x10^4 cells/sq.cm Methods for Passages   Cells were harvested after treatment with 0.05%trypsin(GIBCO) and 0.02% EDTA.
Doubling Time   NT Cell Number in Vial (cells/1ml)   3.04x10^6
Viability at cell freezing (%)   97.2 Antibiotics Used   free
Passage Number   p4* PDL   NT
Sterility: MYCOPLASMA   - Sterility: BACTERIA   -
Sterility: FUNGI   - Isozyme Analysis   NT
Chromosome Mode   NT Chromosome Information   NT
Surface Antigen   NT DNA Profile (STR)   D5S818:11
Adhesion   Yes Exoteric Gene   NT
Medium for Freezing   BAMBANKER(LYMPHOTEC Inc.,CS-02-001,NIPPON Genetics Co., LTD) CO2 Conc.   5%
RFLP    Viability immediately after thawing (%)   97.2
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