1. Importatnt notes about media

  1. Do not use media that has been left in storage for a long time. Liquid media should be used within 3 months, powder media within 12 months after preparation.
  2. Keep media in good condition. Media deteriorates with repeated heating and cooling, or if it is stored under incorrect temperature.
  3. Serums, growth factors or other supplements must be added appropriately to cultures. Serums lot variation often affects to cell growth or concentration. Growth factors may suffer reduced efficiency due to incorrect handling.
  4. Check the pH of your medium when you make liquid medium from powder. You can judge pH by the changes in color of medium during cultivation.
  5. Does your medium include L-Glutamine or Sodium Bicarbonate?  L-glutamine is essential amino acid, but some commercially available media does not contain it. In this case, you must add L-glutamine to media separately during preparation. Also check whether they should be added before or after autoclaving.

2. May I use my own media instead of media in the cell data sheet?

The medium described in the cell data must be used to ensure the frozen cells will return to viability. Then, if required, please try to culture in your own medium. If you use a media other than that specified in the instructions, JCRB does not take responsibility for cells in case of a failure to grow, or other unforeseen circumstances.

3. Glucose concentration for DMEM medium

If the recommended basal medium is DMEM, please keep in mind that the glucose concentration in standard DMEM is 1 g/L. (low glucose DMEM)   Because high glucose DMEM is a modified form, you should use it only if it is specified in the cell line’s data.
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