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Published by kawaguchi on 28 7月 2015

Q1-7. May I send my credit card information via email?

DO NOT SEND YOUR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION to us by email, fax, phone or letters. For security reasons, your payment by credit card should be processed through the secure site. After order processing, JCRB will open your secure web page for credit card transaction. Please use this site for payment.

Published by kawaguchi on 28 7月 2015

Q1-9. When is the delivery period?

In principle, payments are made in advance, so please read the Invoice when your order has been confirmed. After we confirm the payment, we will ship the cell lines within 2 weeks.

If you are a customer in the USA and Canada, we ship the cell lines to our US distributor every other week after the confirmation of cell stock and the terms for permit of each cell lines.

If you are a customer in Oceania region, the cell lines will be imported by our distributor CellBank Australia each time and then delivered to customers.

Published by kawaguchi on 28 7月 2015

Q1-4. Can agents place orders instead of researchers?

Yes, you can place orders through distributors/agents instead of researchers directly.
We accept orders from distributors/agents, but end-user’s information including the purposes of research and a completed and signed Form A are still required.
For details on ordering through distributors/agents, please see this page.

If you are a customer in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Oceania region, please contact our official distributor first after selecting your region by the [Set region] menu at the top of JCRB web page.

Published by kawaguchi on 28 7月 2015


1. Recovery from proliferation failure of culturing human lymphocytic cells

Proliferation failure and/or cell death are often observed after thawing especially in human lymphocytic cell lines. This is possibly because these cells require autocrine factor(s) for their survival and growth. Please try the following procedures.
  1. It is important to remove DMSO contained in the cryopreservation medium. Suspend the vial contents in 10 ml of culture medium and centrifuge it once at 1000 rpm for 3 min. Avoid excessive dilution of the first culture. Re-suspend the cells in 5 ml of culture medium and start cultivation. To achieve a high density of cells, it is helpful to tilt the flask in a CO2 incubator for several days.
  2. Increase serum concentration in culture medium to 20%. The autocrine factor(s) may be substituted with serum.
  3. RPMI1640 medium is often used for human leukemic cell lines, however, the pH of this medium can increase towards alkaline, which impedes growth. If the pH of the culture medium when in the CO2 incubator is too high, please adjust it.

2. Contact information for technical inquiries

If you have a problem culturing cells, first of all, check Q&A for troubleshooting. JCRB accepts complaints within 3 months after shipment. Please make inquiries using web contact form, and describe your culturing procedure as following:
  1. Your Order Number (F1xxxxxx, A1xxxxxx or E1xxxxxx), cell number, cell name and lot number
  2. How did you preserve the frozen vial? In liquid nitrogen, or -80°C freezer? How long did you store the cells?
  3. Did you centrifuge the cell suspension to remove DMSO?
  4. Media used: manufacturer and catalog number.
  5. Did you use heat-inactivated serum or not?
  6. Additives detail and concentration (such as serum, L-glutamine, antibiotics).
  7. Scale (size) and number of flasks / dishes at the initiation of culture.
  8. Flasks and dish: manufacturer and catalog number.
  9. Did you passage the cells?
  10. If available, send photographs of your culture to JCRB by email.
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Published by kawaguchi on 28 7月 2015

Q1-3. How should the “research purpose” be described?

Please describe your purpose of research in as much detail as possible.
For example:
Terms such as “oncology research“, “cancer research“, and “basic study” are too broad. Please describe your work in detail, for instance: “In vitro testing of compounds for antitumor drug development” or “Drug screening for the therapy of hepatocellular carcinoma“.

We understand that because of confidentiality protections in each company or laboratory that particular information cannot always be disclosed. However, because intellectual property of JCRB’s cells belongs to each depositor, and because the Cell Bank needs to comprehend how cells will be benefit a user’s research, we need more specific information than what is often given.
Following the agreement, there are some cases whereby user’s purposes are reported to the depositors of cell lines.

Your understanding and cooperation are highly appreciated.

Published by kawaguchi on 30 6月 2015

Q1-5. What are the necessary expenses?

In addition to the cell line fee (see the ‘how to order’ page), the shipping cost and commission fees apply.
Additionally, the cell line fee differs depending on the cell types and users (i.e. profit or non- profit organizations). For more details please see Price List.
If you would like to a quotation, please inquire using the “Contact” page.

If you are a customer in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Oceania region, a predetermined expense exists. Please refer Pricing Information after selecting your region by the ‘Set region’ menu at the top of JCRB web page.

Published by kawaguchi on 30 6月 2015

Q1-2. What documents do I need to submit? What is “Form A” ?

All requests must be accompanied by the Request and Agreement form (Form A) to JCRB. You can download Form A after completing the online application form.
A sample of Form A can be viewed by clicking this link.

Some cell lines are subject to further regulation, and another paperwork may be required. We will forward this to you after receiving your order.
For example: if you order “luciferase-expressing cancer cells”, you will be requested to exchange an Agreement form between the user and the depositor of the cell line.

Published by kawaguchi on 23 6月 2015

Q1-1. How do I order cell lines

The procedure is:
1. Register a user account
2. Fill in the online application form
3. Submit the Request Form (Form A) to JCRB.

!! To customers in the USA and Canada:
Our official USA provider, XenoTech, will contact you on/after ordering.

!! To customers in Australia, New Zealand and Oceania region:
Please contact our official provider CellBank Australia prior to the online application.

For more details on this, please see the order information page after selecting your region by the [Set region] menu at the top of JCRB web page.

Published by ダイナコム on 07 6月 2012


  1. Purchase method and form procedure

  2. Just after receiving cells

    1. What do I need to do when cell lines arrive?
    2. Can I store vials in liquid nitrogen?
    3. How do I start culturing? How do I safely open glass vials?
  3. Medium

    1. Important notes about media
    2. May I use my own medium instead of medium specified in the data sheet?
    3. Glucose concentration for DMEM medium
  4. Successful cell culture

    1. Cell culture process
    2. Guidelines for maintaining CO2 incubator
    3. Dishes and flasks
  5. Troubleshooting

    1. Recovery from proliferation failure of human lymphocytic cells
    2. Contact information for technical inquiries

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